This project was designed to engage young people who have been participating in gang violence and specifically knife or gun crime.Our objective was to engage with these young people, talk to them, mentor and guide them onto a pathway to the exit from anti social behaviour towards a positive future.


We conducted an extensive engagement program. We engaged the young people in the project by referrals from schools and Pupil Referral Units. The schools referred young people who were regularly in their internal exclusion units or were often excluded from school.

We went to many of the places where we know young people "hang out" including gyms, boxing clubs, and numerous street corners and shops where young people gather.

We went into the four estates where they had been extensive problems involving young people and spoke to young people who had been identified by our partners as being involved in anti social behaviour. We went to these estates in the day and at night when much of the anti social behaviour took place. Doing walks around the community at night as part of a team, engaging and speaking to young people and offering them help and assistance where required.


We engaged 97 young people as part of this project.

We successfully put 78 of these young people onto employment and education programs.

We got full time jobs for 17 young people

21 Young people went onto further education courses.

23 young people went onto Pertemps Employment program for training in employability skills.


Home Office

Midland Heart

Future Jobs Fund

Urban Living


Holyhead School

St John Wall School

Aston Manor School

West Midlands Police

South Birmingham College

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